Original Music
So you made a CD?
Yup! From winter to spring of 2010-11, I wrote lyrics, guitar and vocal parts for eight tunes. On May 16th and May 23rd, I spent 17 hours in a studio recording my songs on acoustic guitar, drums and vocals. I made the album art in June using drypoint, which involves scratching the design backwards into plexiglass and stamping it on paper. The CD was mixed and mastered in July, and released on Tuesday, August 16th.

What's the music like?
I would call the genre singer-songwriter-punk-folk-rock.
My recent major influences have been Suzanne Vega, Radiohead, Patti Smith and The Doors. But it doesn't sound quite like any of them. If you REALLY want to know what it sounds like, listen to it!

I want the CD! How can I get a copy?
If you want a CD, email your address to maddiemacw@gmail.com (so I can send it to you) and I'll email you my address (so you can send me money.) I'm selling the CDs on a sliding scale of $5-15 based on what you can/want to pay. 70% of the money goes to Boston Mobilization. Eventually, "No Time, No Matter" will be available through a distribution website such as iTunes or Amazon. But it's snail mail til then!

As of August 21, 2011, 54 copies of the CD have been sold and $426.30 has been donated to Boston Mobilization.
Thanks to everyone who bought a CD for supporting my music and a great organization!

No Time, No Matter
You'll be able to listen to the entire album here soon. In the meantime, you can hear a few demos, read all of the lyrics, and check out the album artwork below.

Silver City Lullaby

Containers (spoken word)

To Nothing (spoken word)

The Kids Have All Gone Out to Play

To Love

1. A Girl
2. Containers
3. I Am A Shield
4. Silver City Lullaby
5. The Kids Have All Gone Out To Play
6. From Nothing
7. To Nothing
8. To Love



Front and back
Front and back